How does TableTot work?

Warning: Child must be able to sit up by self. Must use only on sturdy chair--not for use on folding or plastic chair. Use only as a seating aid. Do not leave child unattended.

How old does the baby have to be in order to use TableTot?

In order to use TableTot, the child must be able to sit up by him/herself. Many babies start to sit up around six months of age, but this can vary with each baby. (Do not leave child unattended.)

How much can the baby weigh in order to use TableTot?

Even though the chair itself is holding the actual weight of the child, the suggested weight limit for TableTot use is thirty pounds and under. (Be sure to adjust ties and D-ring for a snug fit.)

Does TableTot add height to a regular chair?

TableTot is designed to help support the baby in a regular high back chair, but does not add extra height. To add height, simply place a booster seat, small pillow or phone book on the seat of the chair, then proceed with Step 1.

What if myTableTot doesn't fit over the back of a certain chair?

TableTot is designed to fit over most high back chairs. If the elastic top does not fit over a particular chair, use the hanging center strap with adjustable loops to help hold side ties and TableTot in place. See Step 4. (TableTot should only be used on sturdy chairs.)

How does TableTot work with a shopping cart?

Simply place TableTot on top of the cart seat and sit baby on top of the fabric (see Step 2 above). Draw the fabric up between baby's legs diaper-style, making sure the child's legs are through the cart (see Step 3). Then pull TableTot's ties through the back of cart seat and fasten. The extra fabric can be tucked in behind baby for additional comfort.